Mission Statement

Gold Touch Dealer Solutions is a company specializing in car lot promotions and auto accessories to help you sell cars faster and more profitably!


Finding ways to lower your costs and increase sales at your dealership(s). We specialize in customer service through our network of trained account executives.


To make your business run more efficient through an analysis of your business needs and wants. Not with annoying and untimely phone calls. We take the hassle, confusion, and expense from ordering your supplies. One way is through our pledge, “If you ever run out of a supply that we currently sell you, you will receive, for free, the quantity of the last time you purchased that item.”

History and Future

Gold Touch Dealer Solutions was founded in 1998 by Michael Wanegar. He saw a need to increase car dealers’ profits by adding “gold packages” to vehicles. Seeing that trend ending in the early 2000’s, Mike started adding other items to dress up vehicles to cover damage and to make them look like more expensive models. Those items worked and sparked a tremendous growth in the business.

In 2005, Mike noticed another trend. Most of his customers were buying supplies needed to run their business from catalogs or at the auction, and therefore paying higher prices and shipping charges. Dealers were buying these items from many vendors and had multiple people ordering them, causing more wasted time, unneeded purchases, shipping fees and added labor costs.

Gold Touch has grown from 1 employee in 1998 to over 18 employees and hundreds of customers. The company’s vision and his team’s hard work is a testament to the importance of Gold Touch’s business model for your business’s continued success.

Gold Touch Dealer Solutions is the only company in the USA where you can get all of these supplies and services from one supplier, and at the right price! Our team is always looking for new products, services, and techniques to keep driving costs down and help you improve profitability.

Gold Touch is not responsible for any typographical or pricing errors. If there is a pricing discrepancy, we will honor any pricing error to a reasonable conclusion.

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